Photobucket    Dealings Code


To protect the interests of both parties, before buying, please read the following after the subscript represents 100% agreed Winona Shop the auction rules. (If the buyer can not accept the terms of the Code of trading shop, please do not subscript to avoid unpleasant transaction, please forgive me, thank you!!)





Photobucket   Buyers Note: Before shopping Air one to see, think about it before the subscript


Photobucket  Buyers, please consider carefully before the subscript, as always have the opportunity to win, no heart to think clearly or buyers to buy, please do not subscript.


Photobucket  Subscript for any reason will not be accepted after the cancellation, abandoned bidder shall be given a negative comment.


Photobucket  By post: buyers need to bear the mailing risks such as loss or damage, etc.; restaurant does not accept compensation for all lost in the mail.


Photobucket  Product color may be different ministries resolution computer screen, all colors prevail in kind!